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Educational Loans in the U.S. for International Students

What are the student loan options for international students in America to fund their Master of Science (MS) program in U.S. Universities?

I suggest you to first explore financial aid opportunities in U.S. Universities for your MS program / graduate studies. Although such financial avenues are becoming fewer and fewer for international students, thanks to the weak American economy, you should nevertheless seek teaching / research / graduate assistantship. With it, an U.S. University also awards you an out-of-state tuition waiver. Both those forms of financial aid reduce your cost of graduate education greatly.

In case you must apply for a student loan in the U.S., here are two of the resources:

Keep in mind the lenders require a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident as a cosigner. You also require a social security number, which the International Students Office, at the American university, helps you get one – whether or not you wish to apply for a loan.

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